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Faculty Interviews

Faculty Interview: Paul Devereux

Paul Devereux, PH.D., MPH Associate Professor 1. Which parts of the University of Nevada, Reno online...

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Faculty Interview: Monica Ponder

Monica Ponder Lecturer 1. Can you provide a brief overview of community engagement in public health?...

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Faculty Interview: Mel Minarik

Mel Minarik Ph.D., MPH, FACHELecturer 1. Can you provide a brief overview of the health administration...

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Faculty Interview: Dr. Elizabeth Christiansen

Elizabeth Christiansen, Ph.D. Director, Center for Program Evaluation

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Faculty Spotlight: Trudy Larson

Faculty Spotlight: Trudy Larson When public health professionals are succeeding, their work becomes invisible. That’s how...

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Faculty Spotlight: Jeff Angermann

Faculty Spotlight: Jeff Angermann Smarter public health solutions demand more collaboration. That means bringing in voices...

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Faculty Spotlight: Wei Yang

Faculty Spotlight: Wei Yang The future of public health is intricately linked to epidemiology and health...

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Faculty Spotlight: Mel Minarik

Faculty Spotlight: Mel Minarik Today’s health systems seek leaders who embrace reform. That’s what drove online...

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Faculty Spotlight: Roy Oman

Faculty Spotlight: Roy F. Oman As a social and behavioral scientist, Public Health professor Roy F....

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